What is Mesmerism?

 What is Magnetism?

A life force, energy that exist in every person, depending of the person if the person is willing to unleash that energy or not, if the person want to cultivate it or not. It is a personal development tool, too, but in more subtle way. Developing personal magnetism using different practical techniques, can be achieved what is called the personal magnetism, useful in interhuman relations, communication, business.
Practically Franz Anton Mesmer called this kind of energy, animal fluid – that works at unconscious level, like if we rebalancing the nature’s normal course. If we could detach the rational mind, the subconscious mind – a person remains at animal level, based on instincts, reactions, survival and maintain the life. Through magnetism, we work at that animal level, correcting or rebalancing the natural state of the body, and the mind will follow the body.
At the same time, there is an empathic component, which helps the operator to feel the reality of the subject, beyond the story of the subject, helping the operator to interact with the subject, entering in the true reality of the subject. This way the magnetist can really perceive the state of the subject, the blockages, and bringing back the subject to a balanced state, from the point of view of animal or instinctual being.
Magnetism can be characterized in many ways – like a fluid, a form of energy, a distinct personality, a subtle electric current. What can produce? Starting with physical change, an interesting shift in the way of thinking, and changes in mental programs. Functioning like as we put the body or parts of the body between two different magnets, with different polarities, working on cellular level, tissue level, rebalancing that area of the body or the mind.
Mesmer said that we are like fishes in the ocean, but we did not know that the water exists.

What is Fascination

Starting with the mythology of Medusa, who petrified peoples just with her eyes, there is a seed of truth in there. Through the eyes – starting with the brain center of vision (sight) that gets in a nervous excitement, the whole brain gets in to a blocked state, disconnecting other functions of the mind, blocking the mind. Suggestions, even those nonverbal, by touching, telepathic intention transfers can happen.
The brain in that hyper sensible state, overwhelmed by magnetic interaction, can create a new reality in the mind of the subject. Fascination is a more complex phenomena, the subject reacts completely different as he reacts in normal waking state, as it looks on different demos – a strange look/gaze, and the subject reacts very different, maybe strange on suggestions.
The state of a fascinated person tend to be different, than it is in hypnosis, looks the same but it is much deeper, the subject does not feel any sensation of relaxation, or sleepy state, but, the fascinated person, in a very short period of time can get into amnesia, total catalepsy, reacting on verbal suggestions, even on telepathic intention transfer.

Quantum Presence

It is that science about what most of the coaches are speaking in personal development, like living in the here and now, but without giving any precise exercises, how to do that. At those workshops, they did not speak about HOW to be present in mind, body in the moment that you are just living, in the same time.
Presence in Mesmerism is quite important, for perceiving the reality beyond the mask of stories, word, speaking of the subjects, the TRUE REALITY of the subjects. It is like a dance, an entanglement, between the operator and the subject, after they start the session, the operator, will do a connection with the subject, like being the one and the same person, after that the next step, the operator developing a state of mind, a feeling of health, or what he want to achieve with the client, and it will be transferred automatically to the subject.
In personal life, to be present in mind, in body, in the moment, every moment, will help in not judging itself and others, to perception of the true reality of the personal life, as it is, without masks, stories, ornaments created by the mind.

These components of mesmerism can be learned by anyone, in 3-day training, and in the extra bonus 2 days, only practices applied on different illnesses, ailments, or any particular situations.

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